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Our Practice

We are a family-operated dental practice where you are treated like family. We provide top quality care with digital equipment, caring staff, and decades of experience.

Good dental care is not just about what happens inside the mouth - untreated problems can allow deadly bacteria to contribute to more serious problems such as heart disease, obesity, ulcers, or even cancer. We can inform you of these issues as we work together on your individual needs.

Not sure where to begin? Every patient is different - we help you determine your ideal treatment plan, with the goal of enjoying a life with healthy teeth and a beautiful smile for years to come.

As a small, family-run office, we are proud of our reputation for integrity. All ages are welcome! We love families with children, and we truly enjoy watching them grow up as they learn how to manage their dental hygiene. We have specialized services for kids under 5 years old, please call today to see if you qualify!

Here at Dr. Flores Family Dental we have a simple mission - We love helping our patients improve and maintain their beautiful smile, while also establishing better dental hygiene habits for long-lasting, healthy teeth. Our goal is to help our patients look their best, feel great and enjoy the peak of health inside and out.

Our Staff
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Dr. Jesus Flores, DDS

Born in Mexico City, he came to the United States with his wife Rosa to study Dentistry at USC and create a better life for his family. Now, with three grown children and a Colonel rank in the USAF, he strives to give every family the same care he gave to his own family with over 30 years of experience.

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Chloe Flores, Dental Asst. and Marketing Manager

Spending most of her afternoons after school at her dad's office, she always had an interest in helping out with the family business. Now, she assists with x-rays, back office duties, and marketing. If you ever message us on social media or the website, you're talking to her!

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Rosa Flores, Head Supervisor

After coming to the United States with her husband, she worked briefly as a toxicologist before having her three children. She helped Jesus start the office in 1994, and has been the backbone of the office ever since.

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Diana, Dental Hygienist

With x years of experience, she services our patients with their regular deep cleanings. With patience and understanding, she helps each patient get the most out of their dental routines. We always hear from patients about how kind and gentle she is during her sessions!

Image by Micheile Henderson
Daisy, Office Manager

Originally from Pasadena, she has lived in Redlands for 15 years with her husband. After 8 years of amazing service and dedication, we can safely say she is one of the best - and all our patients say the same!

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Jon Flores, Asst. Office Manager

With tons of experience in customer service and hospitality, Jon assists with front office work, phone calls, and welcoming our patients into the office. He's also Dr. Flores' youngest child and only son!

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Aimi, Dental Assistant

As our newest addition to the team, Aimi has seamlessly integrated herself into our office, and has been a great support! Raised in Japan, she came to the US in 2012 and began studying dental assisting to try something new!

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